The Easiest Way to Cook Healthy & Seasonal Meals at Home

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How Local Plate Works

1. Browse seasonal recipes online and find a store near you.

Recipes are regularly updated based on what ingredients are seasonal in your area.

2. Purchase your meal kits at a nearby market or grocery store.

We're adding new locations all the time; ask your favorite store to carry Local Plate!

3. Make healthy, delicious, and seasonal meals at home.

Use our pre-measured ingredients and cooking instructions to prepare each meal.

What People are Saying

“Everything is included in your meal kit except salt, pepper and olive oil, with ingredients coming from top-notch sources.”

Oregon Live

“The overall quality is similar to what one would find at an upscale food cart or decent bistro, yet at a fraction of the cost of eating out.”

Portland Examiner

“Having the fixings for an entire meal was stinking awesome!”

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